Fireworks Spectacular: We Survived the Rain!

Fireworks Spectacular: We Survived the Rain!


Despite the rain, record numbers of Bethesda Country Club members and our families enjoyed the best Fireworks display in the DC area!  Over 1350 of us enjoyed a fabulous show!

The rain didn’t spoil a thing, it made this very special family event even more memorable and full of fun!

Even the AT&T National tournament changed Sunday’s tee-off to account for the threatening weather.  They were right to do so.

The Fireworks Spectacular started at 6:30.  Everything was perfect; overcast skies, not too hot, not too humid, moon bounces, “The Crimestoppers,” ice cream, buffet lines, hot dogs, pork, corn….just awesome!

And then the rain…but no lightning!

The Ballroom was opened to offer shelter.  Many more of us remained outside, in the rain, or underneath the table!

Notes From “Down Under”

Underneath the picnic table, that is.

Sunday reminded me of lots of things.  Mainly, how fun it can be to be in the rain.

Several of us climbed underneath our table.  Here’s a list of what we heard:

  • I haven’t done this since I was a kid.
  • I can feel the mist do you think it’s going to last long?
  • I hope this is a mega storm and all the tables blow over and get everybody hiding under the tables.
  • You waited?  What happened to the blow up games?
  • Have you seen my wife?  I know she can’t or wouldn’t get under a table.
  • I’m drenched.
  • Is their grass underneath?  Will I get dirty?
  • How much room is there?  Can we all fit?
  • Is it still raining?
  • Red, white and blue!  You’re wearing yellow!  “Yeah, but I’m from Texas.  Guess I should have thought of that.”
  • This could be a good story if someone is a news reporter.
  • This is what it’s about, having fun even when things don’t go as planned.
  • Oh, my white shoes aren’t white!
  • I found my friends under a tree.  I’m making a run for it!
  • Mom, do I have to come out?  This is like camping.
  • Ugh, the food is soggy.
  • The ice cream sandwiches are still good

We Survived the Rains and Had a Blast

I had a great time Sunday night.  I think everyone who braved the weather enjoyed themselves with friends and family.  It’s the probably the best family event in town.

My family and I have not missed a show in over 10 years.  It’s unlikely we’ll miss next year!

How about you?

Amy Wong





  1. Marion Deshmukh :

    The fireworks were fabulous. Rain or shine. The BBQ and fireworks are among the best activities at BCC. We never miss it if we can. And the staff was wonderful. Kudos to everyone.

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